We accompany social and political movements from thinking, doing and feeling through the recognition, study and interpretation of power relations between people, communities, systems and institutions, to accompany their transformation from the rational, symbolic, energetic and spiritual.

dinero y feminismo

Feminist sustainability

political advocacy

It is the result of a training and knowledge exchange process between feminist collectives from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, financed by OXFAM LAC from the: "Poder Elegir" program. Moving forward from denial and political Manichaeism to strengthening the visibility of youth movements and their political advocacy strategies.


In this report, we provide an overview of the background, model, elements, approach- es, and impacts of participatory grantmaking. We also expand on the global and Latin American ecosystem of participatory grantmakers. financed by Greengrants Fund.


Stories of Girls’ Resistance is the largest-ever collection of oral and narrative history of adolescent girls’ activism, offering a window into girls’ lives and their resistance in all of its messiness, pain, and power. A curated collection of over 150 individual stories from more than 90 countries across the world, it captures the stories of girls, non-binary people and women ranging in age from 11 to 70.

Movimientos por el Derecho a Decidir en América Latina y el Caribe


our resistance

Documenting Disability Rights activists' stories of resistance is a deeply political act. Introducing Our Resistance: Stories of Disability Rights Activists, a feminist storytelling project that tells the beautiful, rich, diverse and unfiltered stories of nine Disability Rights activists working to transform and remake the world into one that honours their full and rich humanity, experiences, and that is rooted in Disability Justice.


In this report, we reflect with honesty about OUR FEMINIST JOURNEY TOWARD CENTRING DISABILITY JUSTICE in our resourcing, offering insights into the Disability Rights and Justice work we have resourced through Purposeful's Funds.

Weathering the storm

The report also offers a unique set of perspectives from the diverse group of funders who make up the Global Resilience Fund community. Sometimes quotes are attributed to individuals and sometimes their insights are woven together as broader reflections. The many contributions and reflections from activists and funders are representative of the journey of this Fund, drawing on the power of the collective, weaving experiences and lessening the distance between us.

Latina’s Collective Resilience

With the goal of resourcing the vital and urgent emergency response to the pandemic of girls and youth, the Global Resilience Fund (GRF) was launched in May of 2020 as a participatory rapid-response funding mechanism to move flexible resources to girls and young feminists responding to the pandemic.

Sprouting our Collective Wisdom

'Sprouting our Collective Wisdom' shares the lessons, tools, reflections, and observations of the Global Resilience Fund’s activist-led accompaniment. With this report, our intention is to inspire others to center the vision and leadership of girls and young activists in providing accompaniment, and for others to learn from our experience.

Our Needs, Demands and Dreams

Las niñas y jóvenes lideran valientemente y con resiliencia esfuerzos para proteger y defender nuestros derechos humanos todos los días. Inspirados por su activismo y para rendir homenaje a sus esfuerzos vitales en el #DíaDeLosDerechosHumanos, el Fondo de Resiliencia Global y el fondo With and For Girls.

Philanthropy’s role (past and future) on racial equity

Since July 2020, the global development sector has seen numerous calls for accountability on the ongoing racism and racial violence in global development organizations. A number of pledges along with learning circles have been created to support organizations in ‘doing better’ on DEI effort. However these initiatives continue to fall short of true accountability and justice for those who have been harmed by the ongoing racial violence and racism in the global development sector.

Premios MTV MIAW 2021 Sara Curruchich

Sara Curruchich wins the MTV Transforms MIAW 2021 Award for her fight for gender equality in music. Sukuamis supported with the award nomination and selection.